Mixes : The Fringe - 2008.09.08 - Special Guest: Scrubfish

Scrubfish dropped a scorcher of a set! With 25 tracks in under 90 minutes, he set a dizzying pace that was matched only by the shear breadth of the selection. Though mostly jackin’, his set touched on everything from deep to acid to fidget house. Check it out if you’re in the mood to shake something… just as long as it’s not a baby.


  1. Scrubfish - Badu on Acid [CDR]
  2. Monoman - Strollin [Hoshi]
  3. Tom Gillieron - Piano Band [Wrong 13]
  4. The Groove Allstars - Essential Sax [Aura]
  5. Dirty Sole feat. Mike Dixon - Back In The Day (Dirty Sole Dub) [Robsoul]
  6. JR From Dallas feat. MC Xaries - I'm So Happy [CDR]
  7. d-t3ch - Chicago Soul (Jason Hodges) [Neighborhood House Watch]
  8. Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days [Natural]
  9. Dajae - You Got Me Up (Cajmere's Underground Goodies Mix [Avex ]
  10. Jackson's Gourmet - My Kind of... (Chicago) [Sound of Barclay]
  11. Ken ECB - I Heart Bougie [Amenti]
  12. Kelevra - Hear Me Now [Wearhouse]
  13. Souldeep Collective - Fire In My Soul (Johnny Fiasco) [Integrity]
  14. DJ Homewrecker - Digivitis (Scrubfish) [CDR]
  15. Baggi Begovic - Big Difference [Spinnin]
  16. Leon Fishbone - One Bad Mutha [Guess Who]
  17. Mastiksoul - If U Don't Have Funk (I Lend U Some) [Evasive]
  18. Blaze - My Beat (Derrick Carter) [Slip n' Slide]
  19. Smokingroove & Paz - Jack's Gig [Illuminati]
  20. Cherry Bomb - Bursting Out [Music Man]
  21. DJ Rhythm - Muted Jazz [Aura]
  22. DJ Jaz - Yay Yo (Fold It In Flyer Mix) [456]
  23. Jamanta Crew - La Vida Loca [AJ]
  24. The Lemon Pesterer - I Love The Bill Cosby Show [Say Cut]
  25. 14:12 - Mocha Starfish [CDR]