Mixes : The Fringe - 2008.04.21 - Zentra Plugfest

Amidst shameless plugs and ticket giveaways, I managed to bang out a nice set of tech, hop, fidget, funky, and jazzy house. My personal favorite: “Bounce that ass.”


  1. Soul Migrantz - Calling Chicago (Dirty Phonebook Mix) [A Second Smell]
  2. Bloom - Jack'n the Funkstalk [.dotbleep]
  3. Sound Navigators - Bust Yo Shit [Doubledown]
  4. Da Sunlounge - Baby How Long (Johnny Fiasco's Re-Edit) [Doubledown]
  5. Frank Q - Los Indios de Chicago [.dotbleep]
  6. Pushin' Boundaries - Keep It Goin' (Ricardo Rae's Bump n' Wiggy Remix) [Guesthouse]
  7. Lucas Keizer - Nacho Brass (Thomas White Natural Rhythm Mix) [Black Crack]
  8. Byron Foxx - Everybody Loves The Bongo (Dan X) [Guesthouse]
  9. The Sound Republic - Hodge Podge [Spatula City]
  10. Terminator X - Heard It All Before (Retro Mix) [Guess Who]
  11. Thomas White - Stubborn Mule [Guesthouse]
  12. Terminator X - If I Don't [Peaches]
  13. Scott Cooper - Mad Run [Wearhouse]
  14. Basement Jaxx - Hold Ya Lighter [Atlantic Jaxx]
  15. The Count of Monty Cristal - Bounce That Ass [Cheap Thrills]
  16. Full Phat - Housing Things (Big Hair) [Flatpack Traxx]
  17. The Count of Monty Cristal - My Condition [Cheap Thrills]
  18. Synthique - Funk You [Olive]
  19. Bryan Jones and Aaron Perez - Night Job [i2]
  20. The Sound Republic - Pimp [Guesthouse]