Mixes : The Fringe - 2008.02.18 - The Postgame Party

This beginning of this broadcast was slightly abbreviated by coverage of a Northwestern women’s basketball game. But that just meant it was extra sweaty. Check out the result—a fierce lineup of dancefloor bangers that has been appropriately titled “The Postgame Party.”


  1. Hector Moralez And Eddie Leader - Big Man's Chair [MinorityMusic]
  2. Natural Rhythm - BBQ Jazz [Area DJ]
  3. Slater Hogan & John Larner feat DJ Heather - Bump This Groove (Natural Rhythm) [Voluptuous]
  4. Jay-J and Friends - Where Da Party At? (Dub Mix) [JJF]
  5. Colette - Feelin' Hypnotized (Jason Hodges) [Om]
  6. Quirk Burglars - We Aint From Chicago (Roshan's from the Chi Remix) [Clean House]
  7. Eddie Leader - Try to Remember [Jackin' Tracks]
  8. Digital Villains - I'm Down (Count Funkula Stuff M Thangs Remix) [Fetish]
  9. Nadyos - Japanese Queen [Guess Who]
  10. Soydan - Tirmala [Guesthouse]
  11. The Sound Diggers Meet Andrew Macari - Plastic Spades [Greenhouse]
  12. Nate Laurence and Scrubfish - Funk Tambourines [Control]
  13. Dope Freqnc - Alameda Lima [Gourmand]
  14. The Bulgarian - Listen Man (Guy Herman) [Second Session]
  15. The Bulgarian - Jack It Like a Zombie [Potty Mouth]
  16. Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick [Potty Mouth]
  17. Terminator X - If You Need a Fix [Guess Who]
  18. Neil Bainbridge - Radio Tonic (Bobby & Klein) [Kolour]
  19. Mario Fabriani - Shouts To Johnick [Jackin' Tracks]