Mixes : The Fringe - 2008.01.14 - When It Ends

This show began with me reliving my old hard rock singing days. It quickly moved into the more familiar territory of funky house goodness. Watch out for about an hour in when a couple tracks from the new Potty Mouth EP bring down a world of aural pain on yo’ ass.


  1. Leon Louder - Uncertainty [Kinjo]
  2. Danny Campbell - Answer My Prayer (Larry Fives) [Shake and Pop]
  3. Neil Bainbridge - Radio Tonic (Bobby & Klein) [Kolour]
  4. James Amato & Nate Bowen - I Feel [Neighborhood House Watch]
  5. Natural Rhythm - Dancefloor Jazz [Lowdown]
  6. The Sound Republic - Pimp [Guesthouse]
  7. Quality Control - Slippin (Troydon Attack The Wack Dub) [Phonoshuffle]
  8. The Midnight Sexpress - 50 Thousand Feet [Funkfield]
  9. Digital Villains - Im Down (Count Funkula Stuff M Thangs Remix) [Fetish]
  10. Archie Shepp & Mondo Grosso - Blues for Brother George Jackson (Mondo Grosso Next Wave Remix) [Verve]
  11. Mike Balance - Just Getting Started [Ammo]
  12. Santiago & Bushido - Got That [Potty Mouth]
  13. Scott Cooper - Tech Buddy [Wearhouse]
  14. Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick [Potty Mouth]
  15. Herve - Let's Get Dirty [Dubsided]
  16. Lamanex - Turducken Cover (Scud Bloom's Burnin' It Up Mix) [Spatula City]
  17. Bryan Jones - Let It Go [Control]
  18. Groove Junkies - He Is The Galaxy [Soulfuric]
  19. Cricco Castelli - La Casa Del Jazz [Soulfuric]
  20. Synthique - Funk You [Olive]