Mixes : The Fringe - 2008.01.07 - Year of the Rat

I rang in 2008 a week late with this high-energy mix of groovy house goodness. After taking a month off, this was the perfect show to re-acquaint my unsuspecting ear drums with pounding Chi-Town beats.


  1. Buck Naked - Stressed the Fuck Out [Guess Who]
  2. Quirk Burglars - Craig Hamiltons Blinkys Funhouse [Greenhouse]
  3. Mario Fabriani - Amore [Fetish]
  4. Smart Dog - Hostile Passion (Tracy Cooper I'll Sax Remix) [Kolour]
  5. Tracy Cooper - Puppet Master [Greenhouse]
  6. Craig Hamilton & Chris Mac - Sorry I'm Late [Flatpack Traxx]
  7. Mike Dixon - Nagasaki [Gswing N Jazz]
  8. Quirk Burglars - We Aint From Chicago (Roshan's from the Chi Remix) [Clean House Music]
  9. Desperate House Guy - She's Got Me [Highjack]
  10. Mr. Patron - Knee Deep Funk [Dirty Boots]
  11. Slater Hogan & John Larner feat. DJ Heather - Bump This Groove (Natural Rhythm) [Voluptuous]
  12. DJ Bang - Wanna Love You [Peaches]
  13. Hustle & Flow - Don't Mess With Us (TJR) [Flatpack Traxx]
  14. The Bulgarian - Jack It Like a Zombie (Santiago & Bushido) [Potty Mouth]
  15. Herve - Rocky Raver [Dubsided]
  16. The Sound Diggers Meet Andrew Macari - Muddy Feet [Greenhouse]
  17. Bryan Jones - Westside Bump (Jon Pegnato) [Control]
  18. Sleazy McQueen - Strung Out [Greenhouse]
  19. The Girth - Behind The Moog (Roshan) [Funkfield]
  20. Atnarko - Don't Ya Know (Johnny Fiasco Remix) [Nightshift]