Mixes : The Fringe - 2007.10.15 - Fan Appreciation Day

Superfan Johnny da Dominick’s Truck Driver stopped by for a night of hoppin’ house tunes. This mix starts out deep and finishes with a bang. Check it!


  1. Nathan Coles - Watch My Feet [Hotkitchen!]
  2. Frequent Fliers - Vamos a Disco [Jackin']
  3. Late Night Society - Funkee Junk [Detour]
  4. Special Forces - Family Business (Jizzy's Savory Roast Potatoes Redid) [Blockhead]
  5. Mastiksoul - Whisper [Tango]
  6. The Girth - Swingin' It [Blue Label]
  7. Swirl People - Liar, Liar Pants on Fire [Aroma]
  8. Terminator X - If You Need a Fix [Guess Who]
  9. Lamanex - Turducken Cover (Scud Bloom's Burnin' It Up Mix) [Spatula City]
  10. Swirl People - Say What? (Dub) [Aroma]
  11. Pushin' Boundaries - Keep It Goin' (Ricardo Rae's Bump n' Wiggy Remix) [Guesthouse]
  12. d-t3ch - Chicago Soul (Jason Hodges Remix) [Neighborhood House Watch]
  13. Aroma Allstars - Episodes In Jazz (No Assembly Firm vs. John Larner & Slater Hogan) [Aroma]
  14. The Girth - Behind The Moog (Discouraged Ones Remix) [Funkfield]
  15. Bryan Jones and Aaron Perez - Night Job [i2]
  16. Subsonic Collective - The Jack Charleston [Jack The System]
  17. Translucent - Don't Stop (Rick Garcia Remix) [Red Hot]
  18. Crookers - Atomic Baile Boy [Man]
  19. Malone & The Bulgarian - Beelzebub Shuffle [CDR]
  20. Max & Brian - Shield of Aegis [Olive]