Since 2003, Sangre has been filling listeners’ ears with the sounds of Chicago-made wax. He hosts The Fringe every Monday night on WNUR Streetbeat spinning everything from spicy latin house to smooth disco house to funky chicago underground to soulful deep house to the screaming club hits of the UK. Known for leaving the booth and dancing with clubgoers, Sangre will play and do whatever he can to take a party to the next level. His favorite labels include: Olive, Flapjack, Blacksoul, Dirtybird, Spatula City, Guesthouse, Guess Who, Fetish, Potty Mouth Music, Dubsided, Control, Ammo, Amenti, Soulfuric, Red Hot, Chiltepin Musica, .dotbleep, OM, and XL.

Sangre was also music director for Streetbeat at WNUR-FM for 2006-2007. You can listen to Sangre’s show “The Fringe” every Monday night from 10:00pm-12:00am (CDT) on 89.3 FM in the Chicago area or online at www.wnur.org.

For booking information, contact info@djsangre.com